Concur, the leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, with a user base of 30+ million users, felt the time was right to begin re-igniting marketing efforts within the Canadian marketplace.

Those marketing efforts had unique challenges that required expertise specific to the B2B landscape in Canada. A deep understanding of how to reach out to influencers / decision makers in the Canadian B2B marketplace would require a multi-channel marketing approach that not only created brand awareness but also drove those potential decision makers to enter Concur’s sales funnel.


Email Marketing

  • Provided research and consultation on CASL compliance issues relevant to the legalities of email solicitation in the Canadian marketplace.
  • Facilitated industry partnerships with relevant, high value partners to drive email marketing through alternate paths.
  • Email advertising opportunities drove brand exposure in excess of 2 million impressions.
  • Click thru ratios on select sends saw a 1.15% click thru ratio (CTR). 300% above the average CTR in Canada.

Social Channels

  • Planned and executed geographic specific paid campaigning on both Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Research, reporting and consultation on demographic segments, ad placement outcomes, and budgets for all ad spends.
  • Analysis of statistical information to ensure cost effective, optimized paid campaigning took full advantage of the allocated budget.
  • Ensured that any technical issues within ad platforms were rectified in a timely manner.

Content Marketing

  • Sourced publications in the Canadian marketplace that were best suited to provide exposure of Concur’ s product offering to decision makers.
  • Leveraged strong industry relationships to negotiate cost effective rates well below the industry average.
  • Advertorial content was placed within a key group of publications in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Traditional Channels

  • Leveraged strong industry relationships to negotiate cost effective rates well below the industry average.
  • Facilitated paid placement in Canada’s largest national newspapers – The National Post and Financial Post.
  • Digital ad placement on Canada’s top travelled news and business websites.
  • Radio advertising on Canada’s top news radio network nationwide.
  • High visibility, multi-channel advertising to ensure brand exposure at every touch point the prospect may encounter.

Return on Investment

  • Click thru ratios (CTR) as high as 37% on advertorial content.
  • Brand Exposure over life of campaign: 33% of Canada’s working population aged 25-59.
  • 5 million+ brand impressions